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What we are proud of…

  • Introducing awardees of KIFE’s Kerkai Award

    The Catholic Youth and Adult Education Association found the Kerkai Award in 2005 to revere the works and exemplary activities of Jenő P. Kerkai (SJ).

    The Award serves to honour colleagues in Catholic youth and adult education who showed outstanding performance in the field, one person each year in catholic youth and catholic adult education categories.

  • The Catholic Youth and Adult Education Association (KIFE) focused on the development of trainings, the support of organisations dealing with trainings, the development of people’s competences in the last two decades. In the year of the jubilee we looked back on our history and our achievements.

    During these 20 years the organisation developed a great deal, we established several contacts, series of projects were realised successfully. We are going to give a historical summary of this development.


  • The inner values

    As part of the Be present in media! project, which improved the communicational techniques of civils, it was an element to find good practices and such communicational solutions that greatly promote the aim realisation of civil organisations.

  • Women in civil life logo

    The program series named ’Women in civil life’ that brought about numerous positive changes in the participating women’s life, were realised in two turns by KIFE between 2009 and 2012. The feedback proves that today’s Hungary needs events, forums and trainings that enables both socially active and inactive women, living on the periphery of society, to participate, share their thoughts with each other therefore, help each other.

  • You are Needed logo

    The first publication of the project named  ’You are Needed – Youth Community Development in Cities and the Country’

    became available in June, 2012, as colourful, dynamic, yet professional material. We recommend the booklet for beginner youth workers, or volunteers who would like to get familiar with youth work and those about the start youth information centre or other services.


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